My name is Matthew Rich and I have been hacking on the web since 1998.

That year I bought a 66Mhz 486DX -- with a math coprocessor and 20 MB of RAM! -- at a garage sale, installed Linux on it, and taught myself to make dynamic websites with Perl.

Since then I have built more websites than I can count and have never stopped loving the web. I work across a variety of languages (Python, C#, Javascript primarily) and frameworks when building web applications that serve, satisfy, and delight users.

My focus has grown to include DevOps automation tools and I help my users do more with less by leveraging Ansible, Docker, and even custom build tooling.

When I'm not hacking or riding my bike I am busy raising two children, playing and coaching soccer, windsurfing on Lake Michigan, and reading voraciously.

You can follow me on twitter: @technivore

You can view my resumé here: Matthew Rich Resumé